Programs Offered

Programs at Bear Flag CrossFit

The Premier Strength & Conditioning Facility in Northern Orange County

Bear Flag CrossFit was founded in 2012 as a top-level strength and conditioning facility in Fullerton, California. We are a 4,083 square foot indoor facility outfitted in the latest equipment dedicated to CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and CrossFit Kids.

We do not have machines or treadmills. We do not have an overpriced juice bar. What we have is a large amount of heavy weight in the form of bumper plates, stones, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and other equipment. What you get is strength & conditioning programming that will result in surpassed goals and shattered plateaus. An improved lifestyle isn’t about juice bars, territorial gym rats and tricep-extension machines. It’s about feeling great, looking great, and doing things you once thought were impossible.

We are a family run operation focused on providing a first-class level of service to our customers. We take pride in building a community within our facility and enhancing our members’ lifestyles. Ultimately our goal is to enable our members to break their plateaus and go places they never thought possible with their fitness while creating a family at the same time.


Bear Flag CrossFit has one of the best CrossFit Kids programs in the country. Led by coach Cory, he has a very unique ability to keep all kids focused and working hard while having a ton of fun. Each workout includes a fun warm-up, skill work to translate to normal daily life, a challenging but rewarding workout, and a game to finish the session! They are constantly trying new sports, playing fun games, and building friendships with each other. It is Cory’s passion to work with these kids and he enjoys every second of it. Check out more information on the What is CrossFit page.