Moving to CrossFit Programming

Starting July 9th, Bear Flag CrossFit is implementing main site programming to all our group classes.

Blog in summary:

  • CrossFit HQ has recently dedicated alot more resources into their programming such as
    • Insights into the what/why/how of the workout- see example HERE
    • Two levels of scaling options
    • Vast library of movement videos – see example HERE

Blog in More Detail:

At first glance usually the biggest criticism to main site programming is the duration. Only because the workout looks simple, by no means makes it easy.

“The workout is only 10 minutes coach! That is not enough for me”. Here is the short answer. Volume does not achieve quality results, intensity does. If you need any proof look at the physique of an Olympic marathoner vs  Olympic decathlete.

Luckily for us the original coach greg, wrote in great detail all the secrets of the crossfit programming.  His greatest weapon was not in how many reps x sets he made his athletes do. It was that he made the workouts public and saw which yielded the best results over time. As the caliber of athlete got better, so did the programming. Back in the day (2009) a heavy front squat would be 135lbs, fast forward to Mondays workout at its 225lb as prescribed!

Come next week I challenge you to hit just one workout a day, scaled or not. If you find yourself not being able to achieve “RX (as prescribed)”, speak to your coach about how to get better. Focus on your technique and getting great form this will not only help prevent injuries but set up foundation for the next progression.

Please resist the urge to disregard the programming and slam in ‘extra work’. We are excited to see our athletes want to progress but in our professional recommendation 1 workout per day at high intensity while eating lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seads, a little fruit, some starch, and no sugar. Will yield the best results not only for fitness  but achieve better health markers for your body.

If you are an aspiring coach or simply want to learn more read below. CrossFit Journal on programming originally published February 2003.